How much experience do you have?

I have been an Esthetician for ovre 10 years. I trained locally at Trillium College and hold the Artistic Expert Educator title with Artistic Nail Design. Going back to my high school days, I was taught updos from the incredible Karl Asta through my cooperative education. The Beauty Industry is my passion and I will continue to grow and venture into new and upcoming services and procedures!

What is your late/cancellation policy?

If you are running late, a quick call or text to (705)313-2556 to let me know is all that is needed! Please know that if you are going to be more than 15mins late, we will have to shorten your service time! Cancellations will be accepted up to 24 hours in advance. Any cancellation made after this time will be charged a 50% cancellation fee upon next visit.

No shows are unacceptable and will require you to pay for your service up front to be able to book again!

What are your hours?

Tuesday- 4:30-7pm
Wednesday- 4:30-7pm
Thursday- 10:30-4
Friday- 10:30-4
Sat-Mon- Closed

With the studio being in my home, hours outside of these will NOT be booked. All classes/workshops I teach, happen between Saturdays-Mondays.

If you notice time is not available on the calendar, it means that spot has been snagged or I am away teaching!

Any new services/products coming?

If you have something you think I should learn, definitely make a suggestion and I will see what I can do! At this time, products can be pre-ordered however please allow up to 10 days for the items to arrive.

Should I remove existing polish or nails?

No need to remove polish as I have the items required to do so. If you have gel, acrylic or gel polish on please remove before your service. I WILL NOT remove Hard Gel/Acrylic that I have not applied. There is no charge for Colour Gloss removal if I applied it!

For Hard Gel/Putty that I have applied, there is a $30 fee for complete removal as it is required to be filed off!

I’m allergic to (acrylic or gel) any other options?

Artistic Nail Design is a gentle nail enhancement and gel polish system. If you are concerned about a reaction, please book a test nail one week before your treatment so we can test it out! If need be, we can certainly apply regular polish!

How long can I expect my nails to last?

Your gel and Perfect Dip manicure will last up to two weeks with proper care at home! Daily use of cuticle oil and hand lotion will help to prevent your nails from chipping. Please do NOT peel your gel or dip manicure as it will cause damage to the nail! If you are ready to have your gel or dip manicure removed, please book an appointment for free gentle removal.

Nail enhancements can last up to 4 weeks HOWEVER every individual is different. I strongly recommend 2-3 week fills to maintain your enhancements! Nail repairs for damaged enhancements will be charged on a case by case basis. If more than 3 nails need to be repaired, you will be charged a full set for the time need to repair!

How do you create your nail art?

All nail art designs are done by hand! Got a picture you found on Pinterest? Bring it in and I will do my best to recreate it!

How long will my waxing last?

Generally, your waxing will last between 3-6 weeks but it depends on how frequently you wax, the area and if it is your first time! If this is your first time, you may only get 3 weeks because all of the hairs are on separate growing cycles. After about 3 consecutive waxing, you will notice all hairs on the same cycle. Gradually you will notice fewer hairs growing and some not returning!

Should contacts be removed for waxing/tinting?

For waxing or brow tinting there is no need to remove your contacts. If we are tinting your lashes, it is recommended even though no tint enters the eye. Sometimes the vaseline under the eyes causes excess watering so it’s best to remove them before or upon arrival and they can be placed back in right after!

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