You’ve got questions, I have answers!

I’ve had an influx of questions lately and some of them are the same so I thought I would round up your most frequently asked questions in one post so you know how to find your answer!

Can you take debit?
Sadly no BUT my current payment options are cash, all major credit cards, Interac E-transfer, and gift cards. You can see more information about payment options in my studio policies.

Where do I find your prices?
If you head to the front page of my website and scroll down about halfway, you’ll see my full menu with all prices listed. You can also see my full price list, with descriptions, when you book online!

Does Gel Polish ruin my nails?
Short answer, NO! Long answer- proper nail prep by a trained professional ensures that the gel polish doesn’t ruin your nails. When I buff them prior to application, I am using a small buffer to remove the shine from the nail for better adhesion. Anything stronger than a buffer will cause damage to the nail but that is caused by the Dremel/too strong e-file not the actual gel! PEELING gel off DOES “ruin” your nails. It is never ever suggested to peel off your polish or any enhancements. Doing so causes you to take a thin layer of the nail off with the polish/enhancement. Please get in touch with me to have it safely removed!

Acrylic/Hard Gel/Putty is bad for your nails.
Again this comes down to the prep and removal of your product. It also comes down to a properly trained service provider. Never feel afraid to ask where they got their training. Always go to someone who has actually gone to school or taken a course in the service you want. As with gel polish, you do not have to do more than buffing to have the product be applied!

Can you take off my gel polish, hard gel, putty, polygel or “biogel” I had put on somewhere else?
Unless I know for sure the salon or spa you have been to previously, sadly the answer is no! Different nail companies have different removal processes so it is in your best interest to go back to where you had it applied! Please note that it is NEVER ok to have your product peeled off from anyone so please speak up if that is how they are removing your gel/enhancements!

I have a fungus, open wound, bleeding cuticles, can I still get a manicure or pedicure?
Short answer- no. Long answer- I am not trained to deal with open wounds of any kind or fungus. Both need special care taken and I am not a medical esthetician. It is both for your safety and mine that you see a medical esthetician or foot care doctor/nurse to have your services done! When it comes to open wounds that may be infected, you should not be massaged (hands and feet!) Massaging moves your lymph system and can cause the infection to spread or get worse. So it’s best to wait until you are healed!

Can you fill my Gel Polish or Dip?
Unfortunately no. Both are considered a 2-3 week colour service. This means we remove it each time you come in. These products are coloured so I cannot see if any lifting has occurred so if you fill them, you risk potential water being trapped and that leads to a host of issues! It’s best and my practice, to remove and reapply!

Can I just have my gel applied with no cuticle work?
To properly guarantee that your gel polish not only sticks but lasts, I do have to do full care on your cuticles and nails. If any little bits of dust or cuticle is left behind, your gel polish will not stick and will lift within a day. My policy is to complete cuticle work, filing and buffing prior to any gel polish, dip, Putty, Hard Gel or nail polish application.

I saw that you teach nails, can you teach me?
At this time, I currently only teach licenced/certified estheticians and nail technicians. This is to ensure that those learning from me have a basic understanding of nail anatomy and nail care. If you want to know when my classes are OR want to learn from me online, sign up to my waitlist to be the first to know!

You don’t paint that art by hand do you?
I sure do! Each and every design you see on my Instagram and Facebook was handpainted by me! I’m often inspired by other artists and nail friends so you will sometimes similar designs repeated. I love taking art and turning it into nails! Pinterest is second nature to me so I welcome you to send me your ideas or bring them with you to your appointment! I will always try my best to make your ideas come to life!

As always, if you ever have any questions that aren’t listed here, please check out Studio Policies, FAQ’s or contact me anytime!