July 2022 News & Updates!

Hello friends! Can you believe this year is well over halfway done! I cannot! This month I am coming to you with some updates, news and reminders! So let’s get to it!


Please arrive a minimum of 5 minutes early for your appointment. When you arrive, you are asked to remove your shoes and wash your hands before we begin your service. It’s also the time we discuss your design. If you arrive in my driveway at exactly your time, it puts us 5-10 mins behind getting settled.

From now on, arrival AT your time and not before will mean your nail art will be cut short or completely so I do not run into other appointments.

Masks are still required in my studio. You can get a disposable one from me at the time of your appointment or wear a new & clean one of your own. Masks must cover BOTH your nose and mouth during the entire appointment. There are no exceptions to this as you are coming into my home and personal space.

Cell phones are NOT allowed on the nail table OR be touched during your service. This is non-negotiable. This allows for a clean work space and a lack of distractions.

Nail art MUST be pre-booked. I will need to ensure your service starts and ends on time for cleaning between appointments. If at all possible, please send me your nail art ideas prior to your appointment so we can stay on time.

News – Pedicures

It comes from an incredibly difficult decision but pedicures are being DISCONTINUED as of Aug 31.

After 12 years of doing this service, it’s time for it to come to an end because this body of mine can no longer handle the position of this service.

You will have up until Aug 31 to book a pedicure or polish removal and then it will be removed from my online booking. Until that point, only basic pedicures, maintenance pedicures and colour gloss removal are available online. No additional add-ons.

I know this choice may upset some but I must listen to my body and do what is best for me!


I am working on bringing in some new products over the next few weeks, specifically some wicked new art gels! Kiara Sky is a brand I have been itching to get my hands on and it is now available locally! You better believe that when this supplier has it all in stock, I’m going wild and buying a bunch!

Cleaning is still at an all-time high for me! I am still washing down all touched surfaces, taps AND polish bottles & brushes in between clients! I take our health seriously so will continue this for the foreseeable future!

Lastly, if you need any more information about booking, policies or memberships, please check them out on the site!

Things are incredibly busy for the summer so let’s make this an awesome one!