In Home Services

Aimees FAQs

Recently I have had an influx of people asking about doing services in YOUR home and the answer is? YES! I can absolutely bring my services to you! In home services are great for new moms who can’t leave baby yet, those who have mobile disabilities or even a group of friends who want to get together! There are a few restrictions that I will list below!

Unfortunately I am limited to the days I can do services in your home! At this time, only Tuesdays and Wednesday day times are available!

To book your in home service, please CONTACT me do NOT book online! I need to factor in travel time between guests so please message me to see if your date is available!

Travel Fee
There is no travel fee WITHIN the city limits! This means that if I have to cross over highway 115 or 7 there is a travel fee! For services outside of this zone there is a $10 charge. I do require a 30 day notice if you require services further than 20 minutes outside of Peterborough!

While I can do in home waxing, in can only be done WITHIN Peterborough as I need to preheat the wax before your appointment. All in home waxing needs to total $50 before I can book the appointment. Waxing can be combined with other services as well in home! Free brow waxes are NOT valid for in home services! Waxing cannot be performed while children are around for safety purposes.

Book your in home service by contacting me today at info(at)