Back to Work & Educator Update!

Artistic Colour Gloss and Colour Revolution at Aimees Nail Studio Peterborough On

I’m back from Educator training and I have so much to share with you! First, check it out, my shiny new certificates below and guess what? I was chosen by my classmates for People’s Choice award for most helpful in the class. I seriously could have cried when I heard my name! It was such an honour!

Artistic Educator Training for Aimees Nail Studio Peterborough ON

Our Educator training lasted 3 intense days instead of the typical 4, plus we even got to do both level 1 AND 2 together! It was a very busy week but I learned so many amazing things to share with Nail Techs and Estheticians here! I was shown some cool new nail art techniques and even some inlay 3D designs. For my second time around, I was thoroughly impressed with all the new things I picked up!

The training was in warm and humid Kansas however sadly I didn’t get to tour around but we did have a blast as a team in class and boy did they spoil us with food! While I was at the training facility, I did do a *little* bit of shopping! I picked up some new Colour Gloss colours, plus a super cool Frost Coat that gives your nails a frosty matte finish! I also grabbed some Reactive Bonder and Gloss for Artistic’s new Colour Revolution, a lacquer that has a breakthrough shine and wears up to 10 days! I have 7 colours to chose from and will have a new service just for it! More details on that in the coming days!

Artistic Colour Gloss and Colour Revolution at Aimees Nail Studio Peterborough On

Notice a little something extra in those photos? Yup a snazzy new Crystal Handled Rock Hard L&P Brush! This brush is for Artistic’s Rock Hard Liquid and Powder system! It’s possibly the GREATEST brush I have ever purchased! This means some fun 3D nails are coming your way soon!

Back to work at Aimees Nail Studio Peterborough ON

Now it’s time to get back to work! If you read my last email, you’ll know that summer hours are going to be sporadic and limited as I will be home with my little dude! The upcoming hours for the next week are as follows

July 19- 1-6pm
July 20- Closed
July 21- Closed
July 22- 4:30-7pm
July 23-24- Closed
July 25- 3-7pm
July 26- 11-2pm

Booking online is the best during the summer as I am not always home to get your emails/messages! Hit that BOOK NOW button above or HERE and you don’t even have to leave my site!

I can’t wait to get back into the grove and as always, if you have a special request/need, please email me and I’ll help the best way I can! See you soon!