Memberships are for those who want those services they love EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH! Your membership is automatically charged to your credit card every month so you never have to think about it!

Each membership includes these amazing bonuses:

  • 10% off all other services 
  • Priority Booking & No Cancellation Fees!
  • 10% off additional service outside your membership (Mani/Putty/Dip)
  • Free Birthday Service of your choice!
  • 10% off Gift Cards 
  • Free Nail Basic Art – $10 Full Set Nail Art
  • Free Pedicure Paraffin​ add-on

​The Gel Manicure Membership is $60 billed monthly and includes (along with the bonuses):

  • ​2 Maintenance Manicures a month

The Putty Membership is $90 billed monthly and includes (along with the bonuses)​:​

  • ​​2 Fills a month
  • Put one fill towards your first set and only pay an additional $10 for the set!
  • Free Nail Repairs

Temporarily Unavailable! The Perfect Dip Membership is $80 billed monthly and includes (along with the bonuses)​:

  • ​​​2 Perfect Dip Manicures a month
  • Free Nail Repairs

To get your hands onto one of these Memberships contact me and I will send you the Membership Invoice to get started!​

Fine print: Memberships can be cancelled after 3 months. Memberships are charged every month to your credit card for 1 year at which point I will follow up with you about renewal. If you miss your second service in a month, it will roll over so you never lose that service! Memberships are non-transferrable and non-refundable.