Happy Studio Birthday!

Happy Studio Birthday!

Happy Birthday to us?

I’m a wee late to the party but November marked 3 years since I started working from my home studio. Also as a bonus, it’s my birthday Jan 12 so its high time for celebration! I missed celebrating because you amazing humans gave me the BUSIEST November and December that I HAVE EVER HAD! It was truly bananas but I’m so thankful for you!

Let’s celebrate NOW! Our celebration is going to run from Jan 12 to Feb 12. A solid month for a party! As a special thank you, any service booked during this time frame gets 15% off. That includes services that are already pre-booked AND any new services booked!

But wait there’s more! Check out the new services AND a giveaway below!

Fine print: This promotion is only valid January 12 to February 12. It is non-transferable and CANNOT be combined with other discounts (referrals, memberships or promotional gift cards/vouchers). Promotion is NOT valid towards product or gift card purchases.

This month I am launching 2 new services and some memberships! These have been requested quite a lot so I am so excited to finally offer them!

Perfect Dip Manicure $45

This is the durable colour solution for your nails! No light is used for this service and I have 22 colours to choose from, even a couple glitters! This service includes: Filing, shaping, cuticle work and Artistic Perfect Dip Application and takes between 45-60 mins depending on your nail length!

Hot Stone Pedicure $60

This warming pedicure starts with a foot soak in a peppermint foot bath followed by filing, shaping, cuticle work & Artistic Colour Gloss application and is finished off with a hydrating foot & leg massage with hot stones. The stones help to soothe tired feet and lower leg muscles! This service takes 60 mins.


I’m most excited for this because this is huge and something I have been planning for a while! Memberships are for those who want those services they love EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH! Your membership is automatically charged to your credit card every month so you never have to think about it! Each membership includes these amazing bonuses:

  • $10 off Pedicures & 10% off all other services
  • Priority Booking & No Cancellation Fees!
  • 10% off additional service outside your membership (Mani/Putty/Dip)
  • Free Birthday Service of your choice!
  • 10% off Gift Cards
  • Free Nail Art
  • Free Pedicure Paraffin add-on

The Gel Manicure Membership is $50 a month and includes (along with the bonuses):

  • 2 Maintenance Manicures a month

The Putty Membership is $90 a month and includes (along with the bonuses):

  • 2 Fills a month
  • Put one fill towards your first set and only pay an additional $10 for the set!
  • Free Nail Repairs

The Perfect Dip Membership is $80 a month and includes (along with the bonuses):

  • 2 Perfect Dip Mani’s a month
  • Free Nail Repairs

To get your hands onto one of these Membershipshit reply to this email and I will send you the Membership Invoice to get started!

Fine print: Memberships can be cancelled after 3 months. Memberships are charged every month to your your credit card for 1 year at which point I will follow up with you about renewal. If you miss your second service in a month, it will roll over so you never lose that service!

Now for even more excitement, I have a ?GIVEAWAY? for you!! Between Jan 12-Feb 12, every service completed will be entered into a HUGE DRAW? This is my thank you for making the past 3 years amazing! Now what do you win?

  • 1 Express Manicure with Nail Art
  • 1 Studio Pedicure with Nail Art
  • 1 Brow Wax
  • $15 Gift Card to use on a future Service!

To win, just come see me for a service over the next 30 days! Every service you have done will count so if you see me for 2 manis and a pedi, that’s 3 entries! So get booked in before all the spots are gone!

Thank you again for making these past 3 years a huge success!