Happy Nurses Week!

Nurses Week - Aimee's Nail Studio

Happy Nurses Week!

This is the week we take to celebrate those incredible souls who brave the world of Nursing. While Nurses Week goes from May 7-13 this year, I have decided to have a month long celebration and here’s why!

I have 2 incredible women in my life who are nurses and both happen to be Melissa’s! They are rock stars at their jobs. The compassion and care that they have for their patients makes me so grateful to have them in my life! Thank you ladies for all that you do and put up with! 😉

Another reason I am celebrating is a deeper and more personal reason. This is hard to put into words but without this compassionate nurse, I wouldn’t be here today or be as strong as I am! April marks the 10 year anniversary of a miscarriage for me. It was a moment where I truly felt incredibly alone. It was trying, painful and gut wrenching. I had this amazing nurse with me through the entire process. She stuck by my side for 24 hrs, said all the right things and comforted me in ways I don’t think that anyone else could! While I didn’t get her name, I will never forget how above and beyond she went for me and I am eternally grateful for her support during that time.

Nurses do so much more than we realize and they deserve more than just a week of appreciation. So thank you to each and every nurse reading this. You make our lives better even when we don’t express it. Thank you!

Nurses Week Promotions - Aimee's Nail Studio

I’m offering some Nurse Exclusive Promotions for the Month of May:

FREE Brow Waxing
FREE Paraffin Add-on to any Manicure or Pedicure

20% off ALL Services until May 31st!

BONUS: Each nurse who comes to see me will leave with a “Nurse Emergency Kit” filled with little goodies that I know will help you while you work AND rest!

Add NURSE to your online Booking Note to taken advantage of these promotions!

If you know an amazing nurse in your life, be sure to thank them this week and often. They are the strongest souls I know!